28 February 2018

One more day and I’m starting work at the vet clinic! I’m super excited, because it feels like it’s been such a long wait. Not that I haven’t waited for anything for a longer time, though.

I have a ten-hour shift at Starbucks tomorrow, and I’m not really too fazed by the long hours. What scares me is that there will be a four-hour one-for-one promotion and it will be absolute chaos – a madhouse. So I hope I don’t screw up. The environment does get extremely stressful and I haven’t learned to thrive in that sort of situation yet. I’ve also been working the till most of the time, so I haven’t exactly practiced my bar skills (i.e. making drinks).

But to try to survive, I’ve been revising and studying my recipes. I have a notebook full of recipes and notes to help me master everything. I have little illustrations in there too and I feel kinda proud of it. But theory and practice are different, of course. So I need to practice.

Anyway, the main thing is that I’m going to start working at the clinic! As I’ve said many times before – including on here, I’m sure – the atmosphere there is so, so much more relaxed and calm. Zen. And there are animals! No chance of screwing up somebody’s drink! That being said, I still need to be on my toes, of course. There will still be chances to fuck up and I need to avoid doing that. So yeah. I’m so keen to learn all the new stuff and read up about veterinary science to help me along the way.

Again, it’s easy to build castles in the sky. I’ll have to be really wise with my time, always on the ball, and always productive in order to keep it all balanced. I’ll be working two jobs – six days a week – and trying to find time for my personal endeavours like French and running (I think I may have to run super early in the morning because work at the clinic ends at 8.30pm, leaving little to no time for night runs). I’m gonna be exhausted all the time and possibly lose heart. But I know that the grind is just a part of the road to success. I’ll probably bitch about it, I’ll probably get depressed and anxious, I’ll probably cry – but I have to just keep my eyes on the target.

I finished a run today (well, before midnight, so yesterday) and walked near the decorated patio in my neighbourhood as I was cooling down. It used to be a part of my routine back in 2014 when I’d just enrolled in Junior College. I’d go there to cool down and do some sit-ups (with little success, honestly). Four years it’s been – and that made me realise how fast time is flying. And to think, we’re two months into 2018. Soon I’ll be applying for scholarships and accommodations on campus. And two years into university, I’ll be flying off to Australia (if it all works out). My life is really, really beginning and this adventure is just taking off. A little part of me is terrified, but most of me is so keen and starry-eyed.

I’m sure it’s a cheesy cliché by now, but I’ve come to realise that happiness isn’t a destination but a journey. I also hope to find somebody special to go on that journey with me.

It’s 2.11 a.m. and I’m listening to Austin and Patrick on YouTube while writing this. But I should get some sleep soon. Work tomorrow.

Always dreaming.


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