12 February 2018

A quick post – then I have to go to bed.

It’s 1.33 a.m. and the title is, strictly, a lie, since it’s already 13 February. Anyway, I wanted to write about my experience at the vet clinic.

The environment is much more calm there than at SB, and much more calm than I expected. I suppose it makes sense since there is a very limited number of clients, mostly ones with appointments, and a handful of walk-ins.

I got there early and hung around at a nearby coffee shop to wait for the place to open, and spoke to the vet nurse there, whom I would later find out was ZT. She told me to take a seat and wait. Dr. T was still busy and I could hear a cat crying in the back of the clinic. I started to get nervous – as I always do – because it was so unfamiliar. I didn’t want to screw up, and in general, I’m just not good with new places and people.

But everyone was so warm and friendly. They were so patient. I got to meet T, whom I was mainly shadowing that day, and she began showing me the ropes. I did basic stuff like washing and cleaning the consultation rooms, dispensing medication (i.e. reading off labels and finding the matching items from shelves – no rocket science involved), and helping restrain pets. I also observed a lot: drawing blood, clipping nails, and a surgery. I had given the patient antibiotics through an IV prior and I didn’t know the poor baby had to have surgery. She had a plyometra because her owners didn’t have her fixed. I watched Dr. T perform the entire thing within 45 minutes, and she did it with such patience and expertise. She was able to operate while keeping an eye on the isoflurane supply and chat with T and me.

I have so much respect for her. Not only is she extremely kind and, as you would imagine, competent, she was able to keep her cool with unreasonable clients who gave her attitude just moments before she needed to operate.

I’m also so grateful to T for explaining everything to me and guiding me. There were a few times when I didn’t ask her what she was doing and she took the first step by laying it all out for me. She’s very bubbly and cheerful and shadowing her was so pleasant.

I also realised that ZT was the ZT I had known in secondary school! She was also in the Student Council and I saw her around school quite often. We never talked, but we had been in briefings and Council meetings together quite a few times. Back then (five years ago), I’d thought she was cold and… well, unpleasant. But I get the vibe now that perhaps she just needs time to warm up to people. That’s like me, I guess. So I shouldn’t judge so soon, right?

Today (yesterday – as in 12 February), I went to SB to meet Aa and tell him I wanted to resign. I felt so, so guilty about it because he had given me a chance and gone against his better judgment by hiring me. He was reluctant to hire another uni student who would be leaving in a few months. He seemed chill about it mostly, but I can imagine that he would be upset and disappointed. Ι kept reiterating that I had been serious about working at SB and I was sincere in trying to do my job well. And he said he could see it too, that I was a fast learner.

I just hope he isn’t angry. I’m really scared of that, and I suppose it’s a big problem for me. I’m so afraid to get people upset, to step on anybody’s toes, to get in anybody’s bad books. But of course, he has every reason to be upset with me. I guess in this case, I can only reasonably hope for him to forgive me. He’s been so kind to me and this certainly isn’t how I’d have wanted to repay him.


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