31 January 2018

Today was a relatively OK day at work. It’s been quite tough these few days, at least from my perspective, with little experience to compare. These three days, there has been a one-for-one promotion for two hours in the afternoon and that means packed stores and long lines.

It’s pretty interesting to see how everyone prepares for the two-hour madhouse: stocking up supplies and ingredients, going to the toilet, going for a smoke-break… It’s all like gearing up for a battle, and it really is. I suppose I’ll know how to get into that mindset too, soon, once I’m accustomed to everything. I think the promotion happens monthly.

During that period, cups line up like the customers. Everyone buckles down and works at maximum capacity, perpetually on our toes, to stay afloat and on top of the hundreds of orders. I’ve been lucky because I’ve finished my shift at 4pm each day, halfway into the two-hour window. Mainly I was finishing and serving drinks, but each time, somebody takes over and asks me to do something else to “cool down”. I’m not sure if that’s culture/habit/tradition or just because I’m new. I survived for about 30 minutes today before being whisked away to do other jobs.

I think I’m getting the hang of the work. I just need to keep on working hard and putting in my best.

B definitely hates me, and frankly, the sentiments are reciprocated.

After work tomorrow, I need to buy some stuff for the décor at my birthday party this Saturday (3 February). I’m glad I have Friday (2 February) off. I was supposed to meet JX at Novena after work, but I have a feeling I’ll need to cancel because I’ll be running those errands.

Work is pretty exhausting. I guess it makes sense, because you’re always walking or running around, carrying heavy stuff, making drinks, calling out orders… My knees ached the first few days because I’m so used to sitting in an office (during conscription) and not being on my feet all day. It’s not so bad now. Of course, it’s not that I have a problem with standing and walking around all the time – it’s my knees that don’t appreciate it after 8 or 9 hours.

Because of the fatigue, I’ve been quite unproductive after getting off my shift. I have to find some way to balance everything: work and my personal projects like languages, digital design, poetry, “Autumn Boy” and so on. After this week I’ll go back to pushing myself harder. I don’t really mind. I was supposed to be taking things slow, but I think I can manage because those personal projects are things I like and that bring me enjoyment. Work keeps me busy too, which is useful – I feel – for staying healthy mentally. I got really melancholic and depressed very quickly between conscription and getting this job, during that window when I had no commitments or purpose.

Maybe I’m starting to figure things out. But I also feel so lost and confused. I guess we never really figure everything out. We just grow and change all the time, and have to get acquainted with the newest version of ourselves.


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