24 June 2017

After finishing my night shift on Saturday (24 June), I finally caught up with R, N, and Y – a much-needed reunion and respite. The last time we’d met was at the end of July 2016. This time we spent most of the day in Suntec City and the Ramadan bazaar in Geylang Serai.

First, R, N, and I met at Suntec where we had lunch at McDonald’s. It was great and everything was just like old times: a healthy balance of carefree jokes and commiserating about the not-so-sweet parts of life. Obviously there was talk of R’s new boyfriend and lip stains (“what if you close your mouth while it’s staining – will your lips get sealed shut?”). Meanwhile the rest of us are still wallowing in/enjoying the single life. (Single, taken – there’s something to complain about either way!)

The three of us walked around for a little bit and N got bubble tea before we tried, to no avail, to make the treacherous journey to the Convention Centre. We were supposed to take a look at Carouselland, but we never made it there because we bumped into Y on the way and were too excited with other things to get it together and find directions to the Convention Centre. Instead we were at Cotton On where I bought a black and a pink t-shirt, the latter for PinkDot on 1 July (and also the first article of pink clothing I’ve ever owned!) We also had sushi at Sushi Goshin and finally caught an Uber to Geylang Serai.

The first 30 minutes was spent taking selfies and trying to learn how to pose all step-like for photos. 50% of us were good at it, the other 50% were just sorely disappointed. But the lighting was good at the golden hour, and people’s judgmental stares did nothing to stop our Millennial  Vanity™.

It’s hard to  condense the following three hours into a blog post that is not mind-numbingly boring (too late, Wesley!), but I’ll try. Hopefully the pictures will help me not be too verbose.

One of the first things we did was follow R to get white henna done on her left hand and it looked awesome! The vibrancy of the white is really elegant and modern. While she was waiting for her turn, N and I went to get drinks for everyone. It was soon done and the henna was an excuse perfectly valid reason for more photographs. I found a little wall behind the makeshift stands and tents of the henna stall where there were yellow and green lights draped over a huge wall. It was like a little expedition, crawling under ladders and wires to find the spot where we took photos. It’s super humorous to see what was going on behind the scenes to get those shots: holding the strings of lights in place, getting into the Matrix pose to get the right angle… But it all turned out great!


N tried sliders from 21 Sliders and I could have sworn that K, a friend of mine from Basic Military Training, was working there. But he didn’t seem to recognise me and I didn’t say anything.

We gallivanted around for a bit more before heading to Paya Lebar Square for a ramen dinner. There was a long queue but we decided to wait anyway. Nearby, a contingent of middle-aged ladies were line dancing, and what a surprise it was to hear Despacito (Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee)!

It felt like the day had ended all too soon and before I knew it, it was just Y and I chatting in the front square before the Paya Lebar Square building. It was really sentimental and we got all nostalgic about how fast time has flown. If it were a movie, it would be one of those quiet, intimate up-close scenes with all other characters reduced to blurry lumps in the background and lights elevated to bokeh. She’s been such a wonderful friend and listener, even when things have been roughest for her.

As I was walking home from the Punggol train station later on, Dad told me that he and Mum were at the Punggol Ramadan bazaar, and that’s how I ended up at another of those. Mom and I queued for another 30 minutes for kueh tutu. Back home, with my brother and parents, we had a feast of sorts: kueh tutu, Ramly burgers, onion rings, and popcorn chicken.

I wanted to study, but opted to crash instead. I’d slept for about an hour and a half the day before. The fatigue had been rightly overtaken by ecstasy throughout the day, but it was time to sleep.


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