Long-Term Goals

After a 8 day drought without posts – not that anyone was suffering without the posts – I decided to post a list of my long-term goals.

Long-Term Goals

Here’s a list of my long-term goals. Some I hope to accomplish by the end of 2011, whereas a lot will take many years – like learning Khmer and so on. The image was the product of experimenting with blending modes, which I find really… Enjoyable. In a strange way.

1. Get desired results for examinations

It may sound over-ambitious, but my target for my examinations is to get Straight A’s. The closest I got was 8/9 but one last subject always stops it – Chinese. It’s my absolutely worst subject, and it keeps getting worse, which leads me to my second goal,

2. Pass the Chinese examinations

Saying it is obviously much easier than actually doing it. Every study-method I have used before doesn’t help at all. The only thing I can resort to is reading, but to me it’s like reading braille with my tongue.

3. Become a CCA Leader

I used to fear positions like these, because I feared leadership itself. But now I look at it as more of an opportunity than a challenge. I’m also inspired by my current CCA Leader, Si Min, who’s not only a good leader, but one who is passionate about being green.

4. Complete The Story

I haven’t talked about my story before, except when I posted the Crystaleo Sunbathing picture. The story Crystaleo appears in is one I started in November last year. Initially, I had started in June 2009. I got to the 6th paragraph, then, realizing that I would never finish by the end of that year if I continued writing on paper, I began to type it out during the holidays. The computer it was in then met it’s end on 23rd June last year, and the story went with it. From that day until early November, I completely gave up on writing a novel. But now that I have started another, I know that I must complete it, lest I be unable to live with myself.

5. Learn Korean

I’ve ¬†been studying Korean since September last year, propelled by my interest in the language which itself sprouted from my addiction to K-Pop. I understand at least the basics – pronunciation, writing, sentence structure and grammar – but if I were to be whisked off into Korea, I can say I would be eternally lost, so I’ve still got a long way to go!

6. Learn Danish

Being part Danish is what inspired me to learn the language, which I have only heard once – a recording of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Danish. Since Danish – according to what I’ve read – is very similar in structure to English, I hope I’ll be able to pick it up fast!

7. Learn Khmer

I’ve always wanted to learn Thai, but the closest I can get to learning it – while avoiding tonal languages which absolutely terrify me – is learning Khmer.

8. Learn French

It may be a silly reason, but I want to learn French so I won’t be so self-conscious about making sounds which I am usually too shy to make, like the guttural phlegm sound.

9. Learn Tagalog

I don’t know why; it sounds interesting :/

10. Learn Sign Language

I used to fear having to learn this – not that I would HAVE to, unless I lose my voice and so on – but I want to overcome that fear.

11. Create an artistic language

Currently in progress; developed the writing and pronunciation system. I had to overdo it and have 68 letters – 18 vowels and 50 consonants. Long way to go.

12. Save up for Photoshop

Why not?

13. Discover literally blue potatoes

I added this as a joke. Really. Then I realized there already were blue potatoes. I assumed they were purple, but there are some which ARE literally blue ):

– Wesley M. Lincoln


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