Crystaleo Sunbathing

My recent realization that I hadn’t done any digital art this year encouraged me to draw this; a picture of a fictional species from a story I’m writing.


The ‘kitten’ in the picture is a Crystaleo, a fictional species I created for a story I’m working on. I intended for it to be black with aquamarine crystals on its body, but I chose gold and white instead.

The change in color also brings a small twist to the storyline, so I might have avoided it if it weren’t for the fact that Crystaleo appears in a later part of the story which I haven’t written yet.

At the start, I didn’t imagine a whole picture; I wanted to simply draw the Crystaleo as a “concept” sketch. Then, I added color. And shading. When I had completed that, I decided to draw an entire picture with a background and what not.

Since I had drawn Crystaleo with rough, sketchy lines and colored it sloppily, I did so for the rest of the picture. The coloring style was inspired by the professional illustrations in my Chinese textbook. The way some parts are left white and the colors go out of the lines makes the picture look incomplete, as if done halfheartedly, or lazily, if you will, but then again it all boils down to the fact that it’s art, and that there are no rules in art.

Besides, one can still see the shading from afar, and I really enjoyed drawing this, so I won’t really be bothered if somebody says, “this is wrong. It’s not art,” or something like that. Of course; I welcome criticism. I enjoy hearing others’ opinions of my art, which could also give me some tips and ideas, as long as they don’t say that it’s wrong.

Does anybody else agree that this looks like a children’s book illustration? When I zoomed out after adding in all the minuscule details of this drawing, I was suddenly reminded of the sleepy, calm pastel colors of Winnie the Pooh storybook illustrations.

Now I’m considering seriously the idea of making two ‘breeds’ of Crystaleo; one white-and-gold like above, and the other one the black-and-aquamarine combination that I mentioned.

I probably will draw a black-and-aquamarine version, if I get the chance.

I hope you like it! (I enjoyed drawing it, anyway.)

– Wesley M. Lincoln

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