Woven Heart

I have no idea why I made this. The inspiration probably came from the fact that Valentine’s day is about two weeks away.

Woven Heart

I know it would have been more suitable to use colors that are more often associated with love, I went along with this color combination since it’s art. I realize that they look quite dull together, so I’ll use a better color combination if I get the chance!

I remember watching my mother weave a rectangular bookmark in this manner when I was young. (I hope you’re not tired of stories of me watching my mother do art when I was young, because there’s more where they came from!) For some reason, I distinctly remember the color combination too – dark azure and  orange-red.

Without the use of a ruler, she was able to cut precisely evenly spaced out lines – which I hope to be able to do one day – whereas what makes this ”my own” is that in my weaving, I made slanting lines. Each strip is 3 centimeters wide at one end, then 1 centimeter wide at the other, although you can’t really see it in the picture.

I spent about half-an-hour on this, fumbling with the messy tentacles of paper. I “cheated” by using clips to hold them together until I was done with all of the rows, but then again, there’s no rules since it’s art.

I think the ‘practice’ I got by doing modular origami really made this artwork easier.

The picture originally had a red background, but I had imagined the hearts being on a brown background, so I Photoshopped it.

That reminds me; I haven’t uploaded any digital art yet! I’ll try to do so as soon as possible. I haven’t really had the time to spend hours drawing since school has started, and I have to leave that for after the exams…

Also, I’ll try to come up with more ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts since this isn’t completely my own creation.


– Wesley M. Lincoln

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