Saying Hello


Welcome to my blog! 2011 started more than four weeks ago, and I wish that I could have begun writing this blog at the start of a fresh new year, but I immediately found myself catapulted into a stressful schedule – school started.

But I suppose it’s not too late to begin, so here I am!

My name is Wesley Mark Lincoln. I’ll be turning 14 on Valentine’s Day this year. Since I was 12, it seemed that I was naturally ‘sifting’ through my hobbies, and now my wide range of interests has shrunk to just a handful. For a majority of these leisure activities, I still enjoy them, but still prefer art and literature. In fact, I feel that now my love is divided amongst five main things – God, my family, a few close friends, art and literature. Basically, I’ll be posting about three things on this blog; two of them are literature and art – as you may have already guessed – and the last is my daily life; interesting things that happen which really get me thinking. Or annoyed.

If I make “Speed Drawing Videos” of my art, they’ll be posted on my YouTube account, while I write some nonsense about it here.

I don’t have much more to say about this blog, so I’ll end this post here and I can begin on the first official post!

Wesley Lincoln


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