25 Square Feet of Aluminium

Phiphyte of Aluminium
25 Square Feet of Aluminium

Made of aluminium can tabs, this is the largest art piece I have ever made.

Before the start of the new year, I suddenly had an impulse to create the biggest artwork I ever have in my life. I initially had the idea to use Pokemon cards, since I have a lot – I mean – too many of them.

I gathered as many of them as I could, which was at least 2000 cards. I began planning the artwork. I wanted to create a picture of one of the fictional species I had created, called Phiphyte (from Greek φίδι “phídi” meaning snake
and φύλλο “phýllo” meaning leaf), so I traced it out onto graph paper and divided it into 25 squares. And began working.

I needed a whole lot of Grass type cards since they are green, so continuously picking them out of the endless piles slowed me down. By the time I had completed the first square, I realized that from afar, it didn’t look anything like Phiphyte.

So I decided to use another medium.

Not much is thought of that small aluminium tab you use to open canned drinks. But for me, it’s a potential artistic medium! I began laying out the tabs – a collection of which my mother has – to slowly form the huge image.

At times during the 2 hours it took to complete, it felt more like a puzzle than art, and my back was aching from constantly bending down, but the result was satisfying! That’s the thing about art – Sometime along the way you’ll surely feel like giving up, but eventually when you complete it, all the pain will have been worth it.

It stood in the unoccupied room in my home for about – or exactly, actually – a week before I had to clear it up. It was really painful to see it all get wiped away, but I had no other choice. Besides, I still have the artwork: Each detail and enjoyable moment I spent making it is still etched in my mind. And heart. And my camera-phone.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to do this type of art again, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as much as I did this time! I’m still at a loss, however, of ideas as to what medium to use. I hope I can think of one by the time I have the time!

If you have any ideas you want to share, be sure to post it in a comment below!

– Wesley

P.S.: Sorry for a relatively dwarfish post. I’ll try to write more in the future, although I must admit I’m prone to long-windedness syndrome.


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